WebinarKit Custom Domain allows you to replace the “webinarkit.com” part of the URL in the browser bar with your very own custom domain. For example, “mycustomdomain.com” or “webinar.mycustomdomain.com”. This is a great option if you want your potential registrants and attendees to focus all their attention on your brand.

After purchasing WebinarKit Custom Domain, our tech team will work with you to set up your custom domain. The process typically involves adding a CNAME record with your domain registrar (I.E. the company you registered your domain with). This process is relatively simple and our team will walk you through it.

Once your custom domain is set up, your registrants and attendees will be able to access all your registration, thank you, watch room, and replay pages using your custom domain.

Please note that by default, the WebinarKit dashboard will still show your various webinar links with “webinarkit.com”. If you wish to use your custom domain, you simply need to replace the “webinarkit.com” part of the URL with your custom domain.