With WebinarKit Pro, we have an option for you to embed a webinar widget directly into your page. This is ideal if you want to link people to your home page and have a small widget in the corner that after visiting your page, they will see the webinar invite but the whole page isn't about the webinar invite.

One good example is if you bring people to your software sales page and have a webinar widget in the corner inviting them to a demo.

Or bring people to your course/coaching sales page, and you have the widget installed inviting them to a webinar case study or more information.

The widget will look like this:

And when it is clicked, this is what will pop up:

To use this widget feature, simply head to the arrow on the webinar in question and go to "embeddable forms":

From there, the code that you'll need is this one:

You'll want to copy the code (the HTML snippet) and paste it into your landing page. 

You'll also need to copy and paste the script snippet ONCE into the bottom of your landing page. Please note, you only need to paste this snippet in ONCE, even if you add multiple forms for your webinar onto your landing page.

Once the form is embedded onto your landing page or website, you'll be able to immediately see your widget embedded on the page and start getting webinar registrations!