If you are using a video link (URL) as the video source for your various pages, please ensure that you are linking directly to the actual video file. For example, https://mywebsite.com/myvideo.mp4. Also, please ensure that your video links start with https:// instead of http:// as this will ensure a smoother video playback experience in all browsers.

If you are using Vimeo.com to host your videos, please make sure you're linking to the direct video file and not the regular Vimeo link. Please note for Vimeo links, we do not support DASH links currently. Click here for more information on using direct links to Vimeo video files.

Regular YouTube links can be used as your video source directly without issue. Important: You must use the "regular" viewing link for YouTube, meaning the link you would normally use to view/share the video. The YouTube Studio or editor links for your video WILL NOT work.

If your plan supports it, you can also upload your videos directly to WebinarKit. Click here to see our tutorial on video uploads.