WebinarKit Live and WebinarKit Meetings automatically records all of your live sessions so that you can easily access and download them for later use. This is great, for example, if you want to convert one of your live webinar presentations into an evergreen presentation using WebinarKit's automated webinar features.

Please note that WebinarKit only guarantees live session recordings will be stored for 2 months. After 2 months your live recording may be subject to deletion. If you wish to keep your live session recording, make sure you download it.

Whenever you run a live webinar session, a recording for that session will be created. Please note it may take a few minutes before your recording is accessible after ending your live broadcast. In order to access your live recordings, go to your WebinarKit dashboard and click on the links pop up for the particular live webinar you want the recordings for. In the links pop up, you'll see the Recordings link. Click on that link to go to your webinar's recordings page.

On your recordings page, you'll see a list of all the live session recordings for this particular webinar. For each recording, you can choose to view the recording (you can download the recording when viewing it) or delete the recording.

Once you have downloaded the recording you want, you're free to do anything you want with it, including creating an automated webinar using the recording as the video source!