We try to make the process of setting up your HighLevel integration as seamless as possible. But if you are having issues, check out the sections below to see if you can quickly resolve your problem.


Ensure you are connecting to a HighLevel subaccount and NOT an agency account

Our HighLevel integration is meant to be used with HighLevel subaccounts only. If you attempt to connect to a HighLevel agency account, it will not work.


Custom fields error message when connecting WebinarKit and HighLevel

If you are seeing "custom fields" error message similar to the one shown below, you'll need to go into the HighLevel subaccount you are attempting to connect and remove all "Webinar" custom fields.

WebinarKit will try to handle this for you automatically but in certain situations (for example, you manually remove one of the custom fields) the sync between WebinarKit and HighLevel may be affected which will lead to the above error message.

To delete the custom fields, navigate to the "Contacts" section of the affected HighLevel subaccount. Then click the little gear icon. Alternatively you can access the custom fields section by opening up the settings for the subaccount.

Then search for Webinar and delete the custom fields that show up.

After you delete all the custom fields, you should be able to successfully connect your WebinarKit and HighLevel accounts.


"Replace HighLevel branding" toggle is missing 

If you are not seeing the "replace HighLevel branding" toggle in your account under your White Label settings, please be aware that you first must have connected your WebinarKit account to a HighLevel account. After you make the connection, the toggle should appear under your White Label settings. For more information, please see: